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Sweet Yellow Habanero Pepper Seeds

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What a whimsical beauty!

The Sweet Yellow Habanero has all the appeal of a habanero, from the lantern shape to the fruity flavor slightly reminiscent of a pineapple, but without the biting heat. The 2 inch fruits start a light green color maturing to a bright, sunny yellow and have a thin, crisp flesh perfect for flavoring many dishes.

Plants are branching, very ornamental and vigorous, reaching 24 to 36 inches tall. They make stunning potted specimen worthy of the patio or front yard, but are just as well at home in the veggie patch. Stunningly productive, only a few plants are enough to provide an ample supply of delicious sweet seasoning peppers for the whole family. 

If you like the flavor of the habanero peppers but not the heat, give Sweet Yellow Habanero a try!

  • Capsicum Chinense
  • Days to Harvest: 85
  • Packet contains 25 seeds minimum
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