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Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean Seeds

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One of the oldest runner beans in existence. Already well-known in 1735 according to The Gardener’s Dictionary by English botanist Philip Miller; listed in America as early as 1806 by McMahon. Frost tender perennial but normally grown as an annual. Attractive fast growing vine with lush green foliage and sprays of scarlet red flowers. Plants produce masses of long, flat, green beans that grow to around 20cm. Beans can be eaten raw when very young and tender, cooked like a common bean when larger or left to mature and used as a dried bean. Young beans have a deliciously sweet and rich flavor. Fast growing and heavy cropping. Very attractive plant; is often grown as an ornamental.

Harvest the pods when 6” long for snap beans or let mature to 10” long and harvest for dried beans. The vines grow up to 10’ tall and are covered with scarlet flowers.

Pole habit, needs a trellis or other support to grow on. Does best in cooler climates.


  • Phaseolus coccineus
  • Days to Harvest: 65
  • Seed packets contain a minimum of 15 seeds
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