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About us


Strawberry flower in garden at Ethos Seed Company


Hello fellow gardeners! My name is Marjorie and I am the founder and co-owner of Ethos Seed Company. My small heirloom seed company is the fruit of a long journey of love for the art of gardening and the endless bounty of nature. 

My gardening journey began as a small child as I playfully roamed through the rows of my mother’s carefully maintained vegetable garden, eating the fresh, delicious produce right where it grew. My memory is still full of the sweet taste of snap peas, the crunchy texture of baby carrots, the juicy, tangy spurt of tomatoes and the refreshing snap of cucumbers.

My summers were slow paced and simple, the long days melting into each other into what felt like an eternity. My play took me to far away places where my imagination roamed far and wide, but my feet stayed firmly anchored to the ground and the garden provided an endless supply of food to sustain my imagination. Most meals my mother prepared were based on the produce harvested daily from her garden. The constant flow of fresh produce morphed through the growing season in what seemed like a perfect succession. We were never bored of the bounty that filled our plates because as soon as the novelty of one harvest began to fade, it was replaced by another. And another.


Child holding garden fresh carrots from Ethos Seed Company seeds


As I grew up and became a mother myself, I yearned to recreate the same magic for my own children.  Thus began a long adventure of discovery, research, seed gathering and trials that gave birth to a seed of a whole other kind.

The seed of an idea. The idea that every aspiring gardeners should be able to access the most wonderful, productive and flavorful varieties of vegetables in their own garden. Bit by bit and helped with a move to a peaceful rural town in a quintessential New England small town in Connecticut, Ethos Seed Company was born.

It is now my pleasure to offer gardeners across America the same seeds that I love to grow. Each one is tested for the best taste, yield and disease resistance in my own gardens. You will find here a host of unusual varieties that I have gathered in my “seed vault” over the years as well as beloved staples I would never go without – and don’t want you to either!

Ethos Seed Company owner, Marjorie Beausoleil


Cheer on fellow gardeners and let’s get planting!


Marjorie from Ethos Seed Company

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