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Winter Squash Seeds

Our carefully curated selection of Winter Squash Seeds. Winter Squash are a staple in Fall and Winter kitchen and can keep all winter if properly stored.

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  1. Honeynut Baby Butternut Squash heirloom seeds
  2. Orange Stripe Cushaw Winter Squash heirloom seeds
  3. Shishigatani Winter Squash, heirloom Japanese squash seed from Ethos Seed Company
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  4. Japanese Red Kuri, Uchiki Kuri, Hokkaido, heirloom winter squash seeds
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  5. Triamble Winter Squash, heirloom winter squash seeds
  6. Waltham Butternut Squash Seeds
  7. Table Queen Winter Squash heirloom seeds
  8. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin heirloom seeds from Ethos Seed Company