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Vegetables Seeds

Our carefully selected collection of heirloom vegetable seeds for the home gardener.

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  1. Yellow Sweet Hungarian Wax Pepper seeds
  2. Anaheim Hot Chili Pepper Seeds
  3. Santa Fe Grande hot Pepper seeds
  4. Big Jim Chili Pepper seeds
  5. Dad's Sunset Tomato
  6. White Tomesol tomato seeds
  7. Purple Bumblebee Cherry Tomato seeds
  8. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin heirloom seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  9. Vegetable Marrow Summer Squash heirloom seeds
  10. Parisian Carrot, heirloom carrot seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  11. Early White Bush Scallop Squash, heirloom patty pan squash seeds