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Vegetables Seeds

Our carefully selected collection of heirloom vegetable seeds for the home gardener.

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  1. Muncher Cucumber, heirloom cucumber seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  2. Red Pear Cherry Tomato, heirloom tomato seeds
  3. Chadwick Cherry tomato, heirloom seeds
  4. Tom Thumb Lettuce, heirloom lettuce seeds from Ethos Seeds Company
  5. Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds
  6. Berkeley Tie-Dye tomatoes heirloom tomato seeds
  7. Black Krim tomato, heirloom, non-GMO tomato seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  8. Honeynut Baby Butternut Squash heirloom seeds
  9. Cocozelle Zucchini heirloom seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  10. Little Fingers Carrot seeds Ethos Seed Company
  11. Early Wonder Tall Top Beet, heirloom beet seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  12. Ancho Poblano Pepper Seeds - Seeds & Seed Tape