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Red Russian Kale Seeds

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Our favorite kale.

This popular and highly nutritious kale is eye-catching in both form and colors. The leaves are large and jagged with serrated edges. The characteristic red tones are deepened by the cold and this tenacious cultivar can take plenty of frost.

Originating in Siberia, the oak-type leaves of this pre-1885 heirloom type were refined by of the pioneering American horticulturist Frank Morton, who developed the seeds for a red cultivar of the popular White Russian kale and ended up thriving in his home in Oregon during the 1980's.

Especially well-suited to use as baby greens. 


  • Brassica oleracea var. sabellica
  • Days to Harvest: 50
  • Seed packet contains a minimum of 100 seeds

Care and Growing Instructions