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Basil Seeds

Ethos Seed Company's carefully selected collection of heirloom basil seeds. Basil has a wonderful variety of taste and color, from the licorice taste of thai basil to the peppery flavor of Holy Basil or Tulsi. We carry only the best seeds of this popular kitchen herb. Perfect for pesto, flavoring Asian dishes and Mediterranean salads.

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  1. Corsican basil, heirloom seeds
  2. Italian Large Leaf Basil, heirloom basil seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  3. Purple Ruffles Basil, heirloom basil seeds from Ethos Seed Company
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  4. Dwarf Greek Basil, heirloom seeds
  5. Siam Queen Sweet Thai Basil Seeds
  6. Red Leaf Holy Basil Seeds
  7. Holy Basil, Tulsi heirloom seeds
  8. Lemon Basil heirloom seeds from Ethos Seed Company
  9. Lettuce Leaf Basil Seeds
  10. Cinnamon Basil Seeds
  11. Clove Scented Basil Seeds