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8 Culinary Herbs Easy to Grow Indoors and Outdoors

8 Easy to Grow Herb for your indoor and outdoor garden

Culinary herbs are often touted as the best choice for gardeners looking to increase their return on investment, both in monetary terms and in terms of "flavor" return.  It's easy to see why and I couldn't agree more! Growing your own culinary herb is both economical and rewarding    Walking dow...
10 crops to feed you through the Winter

10 crops to feed you through the Winter

Now more than ever in recent history, people are eager to increase their self resilience by securing their food supply. It only makes sense to take advantage of the space we already have to produce food, whether it's a small balcony, a quaint front or backyard or an expensive country property wit...
6 crops easy to grow indoors

6 Crops for Indoor Gardens

Now that the cold, short days are upon us, most gardeners have fled their sleeping patch of soil and come inside to hibernate until March, when the ground will slowly taw and those precious, beautiful seeds will once again make their way into the beloved garden beds. It is a time of for us garden...
Ukrainian Borscht

Ukrainian Borscht

What does Borscht mean? Borscht definition: a beet-based soup that can be combined with whatever else you’ve got growing in your garden to create a hearty, healthy meal that also stretches your food budget and weekly meals just a little bit further. If you don't know what Borscht is, then you're ...
Roasted Squash Hummus recipe from Ethos Seed Company

Roasted Squash Hummus

Roasted Squash Hummus – The perfect way to use those Winter Squash!   Author: Marjorie Beausoleil Prep time: 15 minutes + 45 mins cooking Total time: 1 hr Yield: 8-10 servings Category: Side Dish   I love everything about hummus! This zesty, creamy, flavorsome spread makes the perfect snack for...
The Shelf Life of Seeds - How long do they last?

The Shelf Life of Seeds - How long do they last?

Did you ever throw a seed packet in the garbage, frustrated at the idea that you could not possibly grow that many plants before the expiration date? Let me tell you a  little secret. You were right to feel frustrated! Seeds do not have an expiration date. What they do have is a sell-by date, whi...