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Your Friendly Guide to Hot Peppers

Your Friendly Guide to Hot Peppers

When it comes to hot peppers, one learns to beware the jewel-like, fascinating fruits dangling from the elegant branches of the deep green plants rather quickly. I still remember my first enthusiastic bite of a "mild" habanero pepper and the subsequent fit of coughing, eye watering and all around...
8 Culinary Herbs Easy to Grow Indoors and Outdoors

8 Easy to Grow Herb for your indoor and outdoor garden

Culinary herbs are often touted as the best choice for gardeners looking to increase their return on investment, both in monetary terms and in terms of "flavor" return.  It's easy to see why and I couldn't agree more! Growing your own culinary herb is both economical and rewarding    Walking dow...
Triple Moss Curled Parsley seeds Ethos Seed Company

Spotlight on Parsley

Parsley is a well-known and beloved culinary herb in European , Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is also one of the healthiest food one might consume. Parsley holds a host of nutritional and medicinal properties that merit to be mentioned. We often hear the term “superfood” to qualify...
Santo Cilantro, cilantro seeds, coriander seeds

Spotlight on Cilantro

Cilantro is one of the most widely eaten and cultivated herb on the planet. Cilantro is as amazing in the kitchen as it is easy to grow. The plants are tidy and easy to manage anywhere. You can grow cilantro in a pot on a sunny windowsill, in containers out on the patio or right into those garden...